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Download ReportLoyalty Programs Dole Out Rewards but Fail to Fully Connect with Consumers Says New CMO Council Study
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CMO Council releases
first benchmark of the Customer Experience Board:
Competitive crunch and convergence in communications marketplace is fueling increased customer churn, and testing customer loyalty.
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Loyalty Dogs Blog
The experts from Loyalty Labs offer musings on best practices in customer management.
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5 Best, 5 Worst Customer-Loyalty Programs
Bar-coded icons of customer loyalty line the wallets and hang from the key chains of countless consumers, though that commitment isn't always so richly rewarded. more »

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Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless
by Jeffrey Gitomer
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Reports & White Papers

Leveraging Loyalty to Transform Publishing
As marketers look for new channels of customer engagement, magazine advertising has been a casualty as online opportunities from ereaders to online publications become more cost-effective and trackable options. However, in this consumer survey, we see that customers aren't quite ready to abandon their magazines and they are certainly not ready for an onslaught of iPad-vertising to interrupt their digital experience. This report reveals consumer intentions specific to magazine consumption and their openness to precision marketing tactics, even in a traditional channel.

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Loyalty Programs Dole Out Rewards but Fail to Fully Connect with Consumers Says New CMO Council Study
Today, customer loyalty and rewards programs are everywhere – it seems like every brand has one and the average consumer is carrying a handful of laminated cards from big retailers alongside a few hole-punched printed cards from their neighborhood burrito palace or dry cleaner. Yet, through the CMO Council’s research in The Leaders in Loyalty: Feeling the Love from the Loyalty Club these programs are leaving customers thinking of breaking up with brands rather than forging longer romances. In fact, 54 percent of the consumers surveyed let it be known that thanks to the barrage of irrelevant messages, low value rewards, and impersonal engagements, they are aren’t feeling the love, in fact they are thinking of asking for a divorce, threatening brands with defection.

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The Current and Future Sales Impact of a Retail Frequency Reward Program
This research presents an empirical study of the impact of a retail frequency reward program on store sales. The rewarded behavior impact is evidenced as purchases above baseline levels after an individual has received a reward and could result from either behavioral learning reinforcement or positive affect resulting from the reward.

The ‘Imperatives for Customer Loyalty’ report
New consumer research by The Logic Group and Ipsos MORI reveals that UK businesses must rethink their approach to keeping customers loyal as the impact of the recession deepens across the country.

Cultivating Customer Loyalty
How do you keep customers coming back? How do you create fiercely loyal customers who will turn a blind eye to your competitors? And what can you learn from successful loyalty programs in businesses both large and small?

2009 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index
The annual Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Winners are those brands best able to engage consumers and create loyal customers. Initiated in 1997, it is fielded annually in the spring and fall. The current Index examines customers' relationships with 444 brands in 63 categories.

Your Loyalty Program: Time to Refresh
Best practices for keeping loyalty programs fresh and relevant in a market where they have become commonplace.

Nine for '09: Loyalty and Engagement Trends
A ChiefMarketer whitepaper details nine major trends that will have a direct impact on the success (or failure) of brand marketing efforts in 2009.

Better Measurement for Customer Marketing
A presentation from rDialogue explores redefining loyalty and solving problems common to loyalty programs.